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Your Outdoor Hardscape Project Starts Here!

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Street Pavement

Your Outdoor Hardscape Project Starts Here!

Your Hardscape Construction Experts Specializing in Interlocking Pavers

Why Pavers?

Lets face it, interlocking pavers are the most functional and long lasting hardscape solution for most applications. Unlike concrete and asphalt, pavers do not crack or need re-surfacing. They are the best looking material and come in so many styles and colors to match any style of home. Pavers will turn around the entire aesthetic of your house.

Our Commitment

We strive to maintain 100% customer satisfaction by providing the best craftsmanship and customer service possible. We bring the Visions of our clients into a work of art reality. We execute our projects at the industry's highest standards, completing all work according to ICPI specifications.

Local Business

Support your local business. We reside in the very neighborhoods we work in. We are honored to earn your business and beautify our communities. We take pride in the work we do and seek to operate in the most honest and responsible manner. Exterior Designs is family owned and operated and you have the advantage of directly communicating with the very owners themselves.

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SJ/ Southbay

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